“Svava is a thoughtful and inspiring teacher. She is extremely attentive to the individual needs of the student and tailors her curriculum to meet the students’ learning style. Svava captures what could be an otherwise intimidating and transforms it into a fun and engaging experience.  Her knowledge and passion for language comes through in each lesson.  Each time I visit Iceland I feel better equipped to communicate in a more articulate and expressive manner. During my original pursuit to find an Icelandic teacher, I researched language facilities in the New York City metro-area. I am glad that I found her services, working with Svava was the best choice by far!”
Aimee Jette
Ridgefield, CT, USA

“I chose to study Icelandic 1-on-1 because I wanted to progress more quickly and thoroughly than in a class, and the results have been exactly what I wanted. Being able to ask the questions that are most important to me personally has been a huge help in learning Icelandic the way I want to use it, and it is great that Svava is able to tailor-make the lesson to subjects that I find interesting or important. I can’t recommend Svava enough for anyone taking on Icelandic!”
Luke Halls
London, UK

“Svava is one of those rare teachers with both passion for the subject matter and dedication to the success of her students.  Learning Icelandic with Svava was rewarding and fun; she has a knack for making even the most challenging concepts seem simple and memorable.”
Tristan Miller

“I’ve been learning Icelandic with Svava for more than a year now. She makes learning Icelandic a very enjoyable and gratifying experience. Icelandic is my fourth language and probably the most difficult language that I’ve learnt so far. Thanks to Svava’s knowledge, teaching skills and charming personality, Icelandic or rather learning Icelandic with her has been and will remain the most enjoyable and somehow the easiest language to learn. Because of this reason I would happily recommend learning Icelandic with Svava.”
Adargoma Sanabria
London, UK

“I fell in love with Iceland on my third morning there, the landscape, the literature and the language. My ambition is to read Independent People in the original. I have been studying with Svava for two years and she teaches with an infectious blend of clarity and enthusiasm. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Andy Arkell
London, UK

“I have had great fun learning Icelandic with Svava. She is always well prepared and tries to introduce new methods of learning to make grammar activities more fun. If she cannot find an answer to a more complex issue she always does research to make sure we find the correct explanation for exceptions and oddities that can be difficult to grasp.”
Imke Siegerist
London, UK

“I was involved for about a year in studying Icelandic with Svava both as part of a group and as private tuition lessons. I found it very interactive and easy to learn with techniques she developed. Given the fact that I never had any experience with Nordic languages previously and English is not my first language I was really pleased with the results I was getting out of my lessons with Svava. With additional motivation and self learning exercises on top of what you will learn with Svava, your chances to conquer Icelandic in reasonable time are extremely high.”
Constantine Zagradski
London, UK

Email all enquiries to info@icelandic-lessons.