My Name

is Svava Skúladóttir and I am a native speaker of Icelandic and a qualified teacher with several years’ experience of teaching languages in a variety of contexts. I was born and raised in South West Iceland, where my family still live. I am now based in London, UK, where, in addition to running my online Icelandic courses, I teach Icelandic at University College London´s Centre for Languages and International Education and other institutions.

Icelandic teacher, Svava Skúladóttir.

Learning Icelandic

More and more people are showing an interest in learning Icelandic and this is something to celebrate!  It is a beautiful (alright, I’m biased), sometimes complex, often quirky language, full of challenges and delights. All languages are!  “Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going”, said someone, somewhere, once upon a time. I couldn’t agree more. Learning another language gives you another window to the world (Corny? Well, it’s true!) and I love guiding the curious through the experience.

Not everyone who is interested is lucky enough to live in a place that offers Icelandic courses so starting up my Online Icelandic Lessons, on Skype, was the perfect way to connect with more people – in all corners of the world!

“Svava is one of those rare teachers with both passion for the subject matter and dedication to the success of her students. Learning Icelandic with Svava was rewarding and fun; she has a knack for making even the most challenging concepts seem simple and memorable.”
Tristan Miller,